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GEP (GEneració Plurilingüe) - First Year


About the Project

Two hour lesson plans

1. Contest of measures.
2. Classifying equations depending on the number of solutions.
3. Solving equations and polynomial long division.


1. Contest of measures

Working in groups of 4 or 5

Using the measuring instruments (tape measure, containers, weighing scales, chronometer and protractor), the students have to get familiar with the basic measures.


The students have to:

-Cut a string of length 1 m.
-Fill a container with a litre of water.
-Fill a bag with 1kg of sand.
-Calculate 1 minute.
-Draw an angle of 30º.


Working in the playground, the students have to estimate the following lengths without the measuring instruments.

-The length, width and area of ​​the ping-pong table.
-The volume of a glass.
-The weight of a dictionary.
-The time that a student takes while walking from one bench to the other.
-The angle formed by the branches of the olive tree.

After their estimations they have to compare their results with the real ones and comment them with their classmates.

*They can not use any of the measuring instruments.


2. Classifying equations depending of the number of solutions

Review how to solve a linear and a second degree equations and classifying equations depending on the number of solutions.

The students will complete the undertanding on basic equations.

They will be able to analyze equations.

- Matching conditions to write sentences to predict the number of solutions of equations.

-Writing conclusions and expressing conditions.

- Organizing flashcards they will have a mindmap of how to solve second degree equations and then they will write the final production: an instructive text explaining how to solve a second degree equation and the number of solutions it will have.


3. Solving equations and polynomial long division

Students divided in groups of four, have to make a presentation to their classmates about solving equations. Each group have to prepare a lesson about a different kind of equation.

They have to distribute the different roles: Maths expert, secretary, public relations and ITC expert.

They will be teachers for one day!



A day at class!


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I hope you enjoyed reviewing my project - please contact me if you want to learn more. I’d love to hear from you!


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